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Creating Supply Chain Stability in a Dynamic World

About Us

Airborne Metals was established as a privately held company aiming to add value, stability and diversity to your supply chain. We specialize in the supply of high quality titanium and its alloys.

We understand that in today’s global economy spreading risks and being able to depend upon reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable partners is of utmost importance to ensure an uninterrupted production flow.

Although we are a relatively new company, we build upon a strong foundation: our ancestors had a decades long experience in the supply and sourcing of aerospace grade materials and special materials, like high-temp alloys. We have a strong affinity with high tech alloys and the aerospace industry.

Our business proposition is straightforward: we deliver high quality, fully certified materials, combined with expertise; all this is done in close partnership with suppliers that dispose of relevant system certification. Mill certificates will be provided as standard.

Our products have a wide range of applications: aside from the aerospace industry they are being applied in the medical, maritime, and petrochemical industries, to name a few.

Airborne Metals values your business and fully realizes that anything less than 100% customer satisfaction is unacceptable. Our core values: deliver as promised, equalling or exceeding customer expectation, trustworthiness, honesty.

We look forward receiving your inquiries and to serve you with dedication, passion, knowledge and expertise.

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